NTC Flood Appeal

We regret to inform you that over the Christmas period the water pipes in the loft above the college burst, brigning down the ceiling of the prayer room, and the teaching room, and flooding both rooms.

On Boxing Day we arrived to discover 10 inches of water on the floor of the teaching room, causing substantial damage to the computers and the paper files, including some of the student work. In total, we have suffered around £10,000 property damage, including seven of the PCs.

The City Council has temporarily rehoused us in the West Block of the Radford Unity Complex (Block 10). For security reasons, the entrance to the college will be through the emergency doors opposite the prayer room in the  SCYS block.

As you all know, the College is a small volunteer run charity, and as such receive no funding and have no contents insurance cover, and so we request any assistance or donations that you are able to provide in order to help us continue teaching our students and contributing to the local community.

Please contact 01159702003 or email hellontc@btconnect.com if you wish to help.

Thank You

Balwant Singh

Chair of Nottingham Teaching College

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